Why Home Maintenance Service?

HMS has been family owned and operated for over 25 years. There are reasons that people keep coming back to us year after year.

First, unlike many of our competitors we offer flat rate pricing. That means that you do not pay by the hour. Instead, we charge a fixed diagnostic fee to determine what is wrong with your system. Upon determining the problem we provide you with a flat rate price from our national price book. You pay the same price no matter how long the repair takes us.
Second, we are a small shop which enables us to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancement in the HVAC industry. From digital refrigerant line gauges to software-driven load calculations to properly size your equipment, you can be sure HMS will use the latest techniques.
Third, our small size allows for more oversight. Unlike the big chains where an inexperienced technician with a newly-minted refrigeration license may be assigned to install your equipment, HMS’s owner, Rick Walters, with over 30 years of experience in the field, is personally involved in virtually every installation we do.

Why Trane?

Trane equipment is among the most reliable in the industry.

Trane gas furnaces were ranked most reliable by Consumer Reports [1]. CR disclaims that the results are not statistically significant. Trane, and its sister brand American Standard, routinely find themselves on the top of CR reliability lists [2].
Moreover, in a recent JD Power and Associates survey Trane equipment was the top choice of contractors. In fact, Trane is the only manufacturer that ranked above the industry average.Finally, Trane is the only company that makes its own compressors across its model range.


[1] Consumer Reports for Furnaces
[2] Consumer Reports for Air Conditioners

Some parts of my house are too hot or too cold. What can I do?

Ask us about a zoning system! Different parts of your home may have different heating and cooling needs. It is common in many of our larger new construction projects to install multiple air conditioners and furnaces which serve different floors of the home. A zoning system allows you to control different areas separately without the need for multiple units, and can be installed in existing homes as well as new construction. Call us for an appointment for a free estimate.

Why we are not a Comfort Specialist?

The Trane Comfort Specialist Program is a voluntary marketing program for Trane Dealers. For a substantial annual fee, Trane dealers in good standing can participate in the Comfort Specialist program. HMS maintains the same high standards and attends all the same training sessions as Trane Comfort Specialists. At this time, we have elected to forego participating in this marketing effort. Doing so allows us to pass the cost savings on to our customers.

Why do I not see your Angie's List reviews?

Angie's List is a subscription service and only subscribers can read the reviews. The advantage to this arrangement is that no one can review a company or contractor anonymously, and contractors cannot review themselves or influence their ratings in any way. You can read our Angie's List reviews by becoming a member of Angie's List. If you have more questions, the Angie's List FAQ is a helpful resource.

Do you have a question which is not answered here? Go to our Contact Us page to ask it. We may even include it in our FAQ page in the future.