HMS Heating & A/C Inc. 

Products & Services

Home Maintenance Service is a full service HVAC shop.  Below you'll find information about many of the products and services we offer. 

Fall and Spring Clean and Checks - Keep your system running strong all year round!

Air Conditioning - Stay cool in the summer!

Furnaces - Stay warm in the winter!

Heat Pumps - Where electric heat is needed.

Air Handlers - For the house that does not need air conditioning.

Fresh Air Exchangers - Replace stale air in your house with fresh outdoor air. 

Thermostats - Precisely control indoor comfort.

Humidifiers - Add moisture to the air in your home during the dry winter months.

CO Detectors - Keep this toxic gas out of your home.

High Velocity Systems - Home comfort without the hassle of remodeling. 

AIr Filters - Minimize allergens in your home.

Boilers - A more comfortable heating alternative than a forced air furnace. 

Radiators - New takes on this old favorite come in all sizes and designs. 

In-Floor Heating - Warm feet, more comfort. 

Attic Fans - Cooler attic, more comfort, and energy dollars savings.

Exhaust Fans - Helps get rid of those unwanted odors.

Sheet Metal - Custom sheet metal for your new system.

Gas Piping - For that new appliance.

Insulation - Helps prevent you from wasting your energy dollars.

Air Duct Cleaning - Makes your air safer to breathe.

Air Duct Sealing - Helps prevent you from wasting your energy dollars.

Inspections - Ensure the HVAC equipment in the home you are buying or selling is in tip-top shape!



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